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St. Monica Catholic School staff.

Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-509-6691.

Name Grade/Position Extensions
Lyn Wardle Principal  
Lisa Boehm Vice Principal  
Lynne O'Prey Secretary  56350
Miss Duarte/Miss Dowley Kindergarten  40652
Ms. Vandersluis/Miss Johnston Kindergarten  40656
Ms. Nardi/Mrs. Berardi Kindergarten  42227
Mrs. Spinoti/Miss MacInnis Kindergarten 40209
Mme Lorenc 1 (French Immersion)  
Mr. Georgiadis 1/2 (English)  40654
Mlle Cordero

1 (French Immersion)

Mlle Bigioni

2 (French Immersion)

Mlle D'Souza 1/2 (French Immersion)  42106
Mlle Rojas 3 (French Immersion)  42079
Mlle Schilling 3 (French Immersion)  42136
Mrs. Lytwynchuk/Mrs. Dunslow 3/4  40661
Mrs. Pedrosa 4/5  40657
Mrs. Grafos 4/5  40586
Mlle Duquette 4/5 (French Immersion)  40758
Mrs. Clarke


Mrs. Kozak/Mlle Romeo

6 (French Immersion/English)


Mrs. Saverino


Mrs. Rivas


Ms. O'Halloran/Mlle. Romeo Core French  


Educational Assistant  40669
Mr. Philips Educational Assistant  
Mrs. DeSousa Educational Assistant  
Ms. Mattos Educational Assistant  
Ms. McLeod Educational Assistant  
Ms. Scroccaro Educational Assistant  
Ms. O'Brien Educational Assistant  
Mrs. Fera-Linhares Music/ Curriculum Coverage  40666
Mrs. Jewett Program Support  56358

Mrs. Lytwynchuk

Library  56355/56356

Mr. Faux /Mlle. Romeo/Mrs. Kozak  

Curriculum Coverage  40658

Mlle O'Halloran

Curriculum Coverage  

Mr. Myers

ESL  40484

Mr. Slater

Custodians  56359

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